Turkey Cranberry Sandwich at Paradise Bakery & Cafe

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Paradise Bakery & Cafe

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On Molasses Bread Smoked Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes & Mayo

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Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Diana  W. said:

Thanksgiving in February! The whole time I was eating all I could think of was the stuffing I wished was in the sandwich! Then I thought about how good the bread was and it's one or the other calorically, if the bread was not special then I would go with the stuffing for sure.


Turkey Cranberry Sandwich

Kerry  F. said:

The bread is what makes this really good. Everything else was fine but the bakery is very good here! I was pretty tempted to get a cookie after but I knew that it would be at least 200 more calories so I back away from the cookies. :) I actually like thanksgiving flavors e.g. cranberry at other times of the year!